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The folk wisdom of the West is not different from the East in the conservation of sexual energy. Athletes have long known about the weakness and drowsiness after ejaculation and before the "big game" refrain from sexual activity. The relaxing effect of sex on the quality of their work felt by the people of art. Famous jazz musician miles JVIS gave one such interview to the magazine "Playboy":

Davis. You can't come, then fight or play. Can't do that. If I so desire, I come. But if I cum, then do not play.

Playboy: let's Explain this for non-professionals.

Davis: Yes, just ask Muhammad Ali. If he ends up two minutes of the fight will not stand. Yes that there, even it I will not put.

Playboy: would You have stayed in the fight Ali under such conditions? To prove your innocence?

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Davis: Hell, I would have agreed! viagra sale Just let it potrahaysya first, otherwise I won't fight. You understand that business takes all the energy. I'm serious, there laid out the whole! And if you're going to climb on a woman before, then what are you going to do when the time comes to hit the bullseye.

Of course, this is not very elegant, but bluntly. One of the greatest trombonists of the world, Davis knew how ejaculation lowers the vitality and weakens creativity. Unfortunately, he, like most men, had no idea about what can be plenty to have sex and even experience orgasms before any "case" – if only to prevent ejaculation. Perhaps he is even better "would hit the bull's eye".

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The effect of ejaculation significantly more for professional musicians or Champions, but from time to time experienced by all men. One preorgasmic said: "If I have ejaculation happens, I always feel it in the morning. I barely die and for dinner already tired. If I have many orgasms without ejaculation, you will feel fit and sleep faster".

Another man is recovering after a long illness, said: RX viagra "I Have always had a strong sexual desire, and so ejaculation happened often, usually one to two times daily. And with each ejaculation I felt worse and worse because we lost a lot of energy." Many men, especially the young, may at first fail to notice these losses until their ejaculation does not coincide with the period of illness or hard work.

We, Western people believe that ejaculation is a necessary culmination of male arousal and the end of lovemaking. In China, however, doctors long ago believed Le petit mort (FR. "little death"), i.e. ejaculation, treacherous companion of men of pleasure, who destroys the life force, but which can and need to get rid of.


Physicians, Taoist teachers has always viewed sexuality as a part of the broader issue of price viagra health in General. They practiced Sexual kung fu because I believe that ejaculation drains a man's energy. You probably also noticed a loss of energy and a General sense of fatigue after ejaculation. I wouldn't have wanted you to be more attentive to the sexual and emotional needs of your partner, your body is clamoring for sleep. As one preorgasmic: "If I ejaculated, the pillow becomes more attractive than a girlfriend".

The image of the unsatisfied woman jerks, ejaculates, grunts and calms down a mountain lover, so popular that it became a favorite object of jokes; however, the devastation experienced by the man after ejaculation is as old as the first moan intercourse. Ben-Jie, the sexual Advisor to the famous Yellow Emperor, taught about five thousand years ago:

"After ejaculation a man is tired, his ears noise, eyes closed, it pulls a dream. Thirst torments him, arms and legs weak and do not obey him. During ejaculation he experiences a short pleasure, but then pays for it for hours of fatigue".