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"It is possible that you have experienced multiple orgasm. As strange as it sounds, but many men were polyrhythmically in the adolescent age, even before they started ejaculating.

The Kinsey studies show that more than half of boys in late adolescence may have a second orgasm and almost one – third- fifth or more orgasms one after the other. This led Kinsey to the conclusion that "the climax without ejaculation it is possible".

But multiple orgasms are not confined to adolescence. Kinsey continues: "the ability of some men remains in the future, sometimes up to thirty or forty years and even older." Dr. Gerant Kachadurian in the "Foundations of human sexuality" writes: "Some men are capable of holding a seed with orgasmic contractions; in other words, they experience orgasms without ejaculations. Such orgasms, apparently, do not have a refractory period [of decline of erection], that allows these men to experience multiple consecutive orgasms like women."

Why do most men lose the ability to multiple orgasms? Perhaps because many people's impression of the process of ejaculation is so strong that it overshadows the actual sensations of orgasm, and as a result, men no longer distinguish between these two different processes. Here is how my Alternative first ejaculation a man can experience multiple orgasm: "I still distinctly remember how it was. Orgasm happened as usual, but suddenly I spurted a white stream. I thought it was the end. I swore before God that I will never masturbate, swear, of course, lasted only one day." Since orgasm and ejaculation occur within a few seconds, they are easily confused. In order to master the practice of multiple orgasms, you must learn (or perhaps remember) how to separate the different sensations in the excitation and log-in orgasm, without crossing the threshold of ejaculation. Beli you realize that orgasm and ejaculation are different processes, then it will be easier to distinguish them in their own body.

EEG and reflexes

Orgasm is one of the most strong and sweet human experiences, and if you have ever had an orgasm – and it happens to almost all men – there is no need to define it. Not all orgasms, however, are similar to each other. They are slightly different in different people, even one person at different times. However, there are some common features of all male orgasms: this rhythmic body movements, increased heart activity, muscle tension, and then a quick decline strain, including muscular contractions in the pelvic region. All this is accompanied by pleasant sensations. Noting that "orgasm is the least understood of all the sexual processes," the thirteenth edition of the "General urology" Smith further reports that orgasm includes "involuntary rhythmic contractions of RX viagra the anal sphincter, hyperventilation [fast breathing], tachycardia [rapid heart rate] and blood pressure".

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Unlike orgasm, which is the culmination of emotional and physical experience, ejaculation cheap is simply a reflex in the base of the spine, ending with emission of seed. Michael winn, senior Healing Tao instructor and coauthor of the book "Taoist secrets of love: how to cultivate male sexual energy" writes: "Many men snort at the mere mention of orgasm without ejaculation, because they have long been for decades, practicing ejaculatory sex. Therefore, it is first necessary to debunk ejaculation, which is nothing more than a simple involuntary muscle spasm".

With practice, you learn to experience the culmination of orgasm, not allowing the inclusion of a trigger mechanism of ejaculation. In the next two chapters, we gradually will detail how to separate orgasm from ejaculation and how to extend orgasm to the whole body. But first, let's make sure that men, just as women, can experience multiple orgasms.


These definitions take into account changes that occur throughout the body. However, for a long time orgasm was considered a purely genital process; many men think today. Wilhelm Reich, the first in the West, in his controversial book "the Function of orgasm" stated that orgasm involved the whole body, not just genitals. In the East, the Taoists have long known that orgasm can experience the whole body, and they developed special techniques to extend orgaisticheskie enjoyment.

Now many scientists-sexologists believe that the orgasm is Blue viagra actually more brain function than muscles. Encephalographic studies have shown that the first signs of orgasm can occur in the brain. The fact that orgasm may occur during sleep, without any bodily contact seem to confirm this theory. The same can be said about the experiments of neuroscientist Robert George. Hit: electrical stimulation of certain brain regions causes the same sexual pleasure as physical stimulation.

Many therapists like to say that sex is in the brain. This aphorism is the truth – especially in relation to orgasm.