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"Under ordinary, normal ejaculation my pleasure is quickly passing. Quite another matter with multiple orgasms. Arising in them the pleasure stays with me all day; it seems to me that he doesn't have the final burst. This practice is an additional source of energy, and I just never get tired. I now can afford so much sexy fun as price viagra I want; I control them, not they me. What more could a man wish?"

Our book will also teach men to satisfy multiple demand partners. A man who practiced the technique proposed here for three months, talked about his experience:

"I've had three relationships over the three months, and all three acknowledged that I have the best. Yes, literally lying in bed with me, each said, "I've never had it so good".

Women who read this book, learn about male sexuality are secrets which you do not know, not only women, but even most men. Better yet, read the book together and together to attain luxury sexual ecstasy, satisfaction and intimacy, which most people don't know. Here speaks a woman whose husband learned how to multiple orgasms:

"He has always been good, but now our physical intimacy was much richer, we have found a balance in which everyone experiences multiple waves of orgasm. But these orgasms is just the beginning of deep changes, occurring in our life: our love has become deeper, we're real close".

The fact that men can have many orgasms, for most of us is so unexpected that not everyone can believe in it. In this regard, it is appropriate to recall that less than forty years since then, as has been "legalized" and is recognized as a normal phenomenon of multiple orgasms among women.Blue viagra Even more surprising is what happened to the women when they found out that this is possible: if in 50-e years, when Kinsey was studying female sexuality, only 14% of women have experienced multiple orgasms, but now these women are over 50%!3 According to sexologist William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian, 12% of men they surveyed in the 80-ies, were polyrhythmically. When men find out that multiple orgasms are available to them, and get some simple instructions, they, too, become polyrhythmically, and their number is steadily increasing.

Today we are based in equal measure on ancient Taoist practices and the latest scientific results when we tell you how to separate orgasm from ejaculation how to experience multiple orgasms and how to improve the General condition of your health.

Initially, about 500 years BC, in Ancient China there was a group of scientists and Taoists, which are extremely seriously interested in questions of health and spirituality. Although many of the sexual techniques were developed back then, they did not lose their efficiency and today, Since the techniques described in this book became known in the West (about 50 years ago), there occurred a quiet revolution that has seized the ordinary men who became these techniques to test and made sure that they work. We, however, believe that the only serious evidence for you to be your own body. We hope you will accept – or reject – outlined in this book information based on your own experience.

Multiple orgasms are not a privilege of the adolescents rare lucky ones are older, Yes religious adherents. Thirty-five merchant computer equipment, ordinary, in his own words, "zadolbali and cynical citizen", decided one evening to try the exercises described in our book, and have experienced six orgasms in a row: "They followed one another and were becoming powerful. Nothing like I've ever experienced. But the most surprising – I worked very hard that day and felt sick. And the next morning I Wake up healthy and energetic as ever!" According to the Taoist theory of sexuality, multiple orgasms without ejaculation help men to achieve optimal physical health and even, believe it or not – to extend its life.

Taoist sexology, also referred to as Sexual kung fu (literally means "sexual practice"), began as a branch of Chinese medicine. The ancient Taoists were themselves doctors, and given equally serious attention and overall physical well-being of the body, and sexual satisfaction. Sexual Kungfu increases the viability and life expectancy for men because it eliminates fatigue and exhaustion, post-ejaculation, and literally does not allow them to come seed.

In Chapter 1 we present the Eastern and Western evidence of the natural character and multiple orgasms in men. Here discuss the latest scientific results, coinciding with the ancient Taoist provisions about the importance of orgasms without ejaculation. Talking about these amazing research, new York times concludes: "the Development of sperm is far more difficult process than expected by scientists; it consumes resources that could provide man longer life."

Theory without practice is, however, useless. Therefore, chapters 2 and RX viagra 3 dedicated to your individual exercise, which will help you to develop the ability to multiple orgasms, regardless of whether you have a partner. Many men begin to practice such orgasms after one-two weeks; the majority possessed the technique to perfection in three to six months.

In chapters 4 and 5 you will find a description of the practice together; sharing Sexual kung fu with your lover, you give her pleasure, about which she was unaware.

Women very helpful to read this entire book, but Chapter 6 is written specifically for them, so they learned to help partners and ourselves – to realize the potential of multiple orgasm.

Chapter 7 is addressed to male homosexuals; it describes specific techniques that they need to study to ensure a pleasant and healthy sexual life.

Chapter 8 is devoted to such male issues like premature ejaculation, impotence and infertility. Taoist school is completely different than the West treats these problems and their solutions.

In the last, 9th Chapter contains recommendations on how men and women keep ecstatic sexual intimacy throughout life. She begins with the topic for men of middle and old age, which usually observed the decline of sexual appetite and potency.

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It should be emphasized that this book is not a narrative of Taoism as a philosophy or religion. (One of the authors, Mantak Chia, has already written more than ten books, which is very detailed and presents a practical academic discipline of ancient tradition; on their basis he developed a unified and comprehensive health program called the Healing Tao.) In this book we offer practical complex of Taoist techniques, confirmed by modern science, for those readers who are not looking for a new religious system, and a deeper mastery of their own sexuality.

We also hope that this book will serve as an impetus for new scientific research; let them confirm or improve the proposed here theory and practice. We believe that the days of secrecy and cultural chauvinism are over. East and West can combine their knowledge and to help all living love to find a sexy fullness instead of carnal General misconceptions.

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We present the results of studies of multiple orgasms, contrary to popular belief that the peak of male sexuality have alleged in the early years, and then follow a gradual decline. The Taoists always knew that if a man understands the true nature of their sexuality, it is only strengthened with age. In this Chapter there is also a section on how to help our sons to start a healthy and joyful sexual life. What a pity that did not know our fathers...

The first in the world, though the most complete and detailed books on sex were published in China. Our book continues this ancient tradition of direct practical help to men and their sweethearts in the problem of transformation of sexuality. Although Taoism did not share the sexuality and spirituality, we understand that some readers only interested in practical advice, while others want to learn more about the sacred side of your sexuality. From elementary techniques required for each reader who wishes to acquire multiple orgasm, we will gradually introduce more subtle exercises for those who wish to improve overall health and enrich their spirituality.


For more than three thousand years ago the Chinese knew that a man can experience multiple orgasms, delaying ejaculation or even not allowing it. This is possible because orgasm and ejaculation – two distinct physiological process, while in the West they for a long time was identified.

Though not so accurately as do modern scientists, but equally details the ancient Chinese described their sexual opening for future generations of sexual and spiritual seekers.

And only in 1940-ies of the pioneering work on this subject was published by Alfred Kinsey. Since then, it took half a century, his discoveries confirmed in laboratories, and most men don't know anything about its ability for multiple orgasms.

Without this knowledge and without a simple technical training a man is not able to capture the difference between the increase the orgasm and the spasm of ejaculation.

Male sexuality in the Western views are still focused on the wrong goal of ejaculation, not orgasmic on the side of love-making.

In this book we teach a man to separate in your body the orgasm from ejaculation; this will allow him to convert short-term satisfaction in a long series of orgasms that involve the whole body. One man who has mastered the technique of multiple orgasms, describes it this way: