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Practicing Sexual kung fu, you will get plenty of evidence in support of its "adequate masculinity" for any woman. If you are still worried about the size of the penis, before running to plastic surgeons, linger a little and read the section in Chapter 8 called "Please sir, add me some".


Most men know that their sperm is produced in the testicles; Alternative they may also know that normal body temperature too high for sperm production. (Tight underwear, holding the testicles to the body, helps to reduce the number of sperm.) Before the ejaculation, however, the testicles are drawn into the body. Pulling the testicles down away from your body (we will return to this issue), is one of the oldest ways to delay ejaculation.

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When a man thinks about his sexuality, he usually refers to the penis. For a start it is quite logical, because the penis is the most obvious part of our sexual anatomy. Oddly enough, but this is in General a simple body still have a lot of misconceptions. Take the lack of bones and muscles in your penis. Indeed, it consists mainly of spongy tissue. Because it has no muscles, it, alas, cannot be pumped like biceps. However, two to three inches of penis length is hidden in the body inside the pubic-coccygeal muscle (abbreviated as PC muscle), and, as will be shown price viagra in the next Chapter, this muscle can be strengthened and thereby enhance erections and orgasms and improve ejaculation control.

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If you are going to master the multiple orgasm, you need to know your body and learn the speed of his arousal. The best lovers know their desires as well as desires of the partner. In Chapter 4 we describe how to satisfy the desires of the partner, but you must first learn how to satisfy your. We begin this Chapter with a brief description of the main characteristics of your sexual anatomy, your energy, excitement, ejaculation and orgasms. Then we will inform you some secrets regarding better use of your potential for pleasure.

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According to "Sexual behavior in the human male" (usually this work is called viagra sale "Kinsey Report"), the average man experiences in his life about five thousand ejaculations; some men Have this figure many times higher. Throughout his sexual life, including the time spent in the locked bathroom, the average man ejaculates about one trillion sperms. If some of the ejaculations occur with a partner, it can be assumed that he has a good chance to stick in the genetic Fund. But for the most part, when we make love not for the sake of posterity and for fun, we have nothing to pour out his sperm and Deplete their strength. So, if you make love only when you want to conceive a child, you do not need to practice Sexual kung fu. If you wish to lead a healthy sexual life and experience a lot of orgasms – then continue reading.

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Every time you have to ejaculate, your body assumes that it participates in creating new life. According to Tao, all the organs and glands in your body give their best energy, which is called orgasmic energy. In many species the body begins to break down as soon as this energy is given and the seed is released. Salmon, for example, dies shortly after spawning. Those who are fond of gardening, know that plants die or fall asleep once matured their seeds. If plants do not give seeds to bear, they live longer than usual. viagra buy Fortunately for us, we do not die after ejaculation. But the Taoists know that we are part of Nature and that we need to understand the laws of Nature.

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Because many men worried about the size of their penis, and some even go for surgery, only to increase it, we take this opportunity to Express our opinion. In all of human history there have been many attempts to increase the size of masculinity; and even the Taoist masters developed his method, which we describe in Chapter 8. But the truth is that the dimensions of your erection much less important than its strength and ability to use it.